Notify the change of address

If you have already registered with AIRE, the service allows you to notify your new address of residence. Please communicate your address correctly and completely according to the postal regulations of your country of residence. We remind you that failure to update the information relating to the address makes it impossible to contact the citizen and to receive the postcard or the electoral envelope in the event of a vote.

Attention, Would you recommend visiting the Consular Office to check which documentation is useful to send for the success of the Change of Residence procedure

Before starting the procedure make sure you have the following documents in digital format:

  • Valid Identity Document (Required)
  • Documents for proving residence in the consular catchment area (e.g. residence certificate issued by local authorities, residence permit, foreign Identity Card, utility bills) (Required)
  • During the procedure it will be possible to download the "Notifying change of address" form, which has to be printed, signed and scanned (Required)

NB. The service allows you to submit an application that is not to be considered automatically accepted : the progress of the application will be notified in real time and when complete, a notification will appear on the home page of this site. For a description of the application status, please refer to the relevant section "Frequently asked questions".
To view and print PDF files, it is necessary that Adobe Acrobat Reader or other program able to manage PDF documents has been installed on your computer.