Apply to renew the driving license in non-EU countries

The service allows you to book an appointment to apply to renew the driving license.
Italian citizens who reside or have their domicile for a period of at least 6 months in non-EU countries can obtain confirmation from the relevant Italian diplomatic-consular authorities of the validity of their Italian driving license, provided that they are category A and B, expired no longer of three years and not included in the cases provided for in art. 119, paragraphs 2-bis and 4 of the Highway Code.
It is necessary to carry out the planned medical examination to ascertain the psychic and physical requirements at a medical office appointed by the consulate.
Please attend the consular office with the license to be renewed and the medical certificate, in order to obtain the certificate of renewal.
The renewal carried out at a consular office is valid to drive both in Italy and abroad .
Once you have re-established your residence in Italy, you will have to confirm your driving license again at the Central Office of the Department of Land Transport responsible for your place of residence.

NB. The service allows you to submit an application that is not to be considered automatically accepted : the progress of the application will be notified in real time and when complete, a notification will appear on the home page of this site. For a description of the application status, please refer to the relevant section "Frequently asked questions".
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