Request the registration in the Registry of Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE)

The service allows you to request registration with AIRE (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad).

Pursuant to law 470/1988, AIRE registration is mandatory for :
citizens who transfer their residence abroad for periods longer than 12 months;
those who already reside abroad, either because they were born abroad or they have acquired the Italian citizenship for any reason.
On the other hand, people who go abroad for a period of less than one year;
seasonal workers;
permanent state employees serving abroad, who are notified under the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations respectively of 1961 and 1963;
Italian soldiers in service at NATO offices and structures located abroad, don't have to register themselves with AIRE.

For further information, visit the Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, sezione “Servizi consolari”.

To complete the procedure you need:
  • valid identity document, in addition to that of any cohabiting family members
  • proof of residence in the consular district (e.g. certificate of residence issued by the local authority, utility bills, etc.)
  • printer
  • scanner

  • Attention, we recommend you to visit the Consular Office in order to check which documentation is correct for the success of the Aire registration procedure

    At the end of the online procedure, the AIRE pre-filled registration form in PDF format must be signed in one of the following alternative ways :

  • Sign with digital signature or qualified electronic signature.
  • Sign digitally the PDF file containing the pre-filled AIRE form and send it to the Consulate through the Consular Services portal.
  • Sign the printed AIRE form.

  • After following the guided tutorial, you must print the AIRE form completely and sign it by hand. The signed form will then be scanned and uploaded to the portal, in accordance with the procedures before mentioned, together with the rest of the required documentation (identity document and documentation proving residence). The documents thus sent will be forwarded directly to the consular office. If checks become necessary, the consular office reserves the right to request you to send the original AIRE form (visit the institutional website of your Consolar Office for information) .
    For further information on the digital signature, please refer to the “Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale”.

    NB. The service allows you to submit an application that is not to be considered automatically accepted : the progress of the application will be notified in real time and when complete, a notification will appear on the home page of this site. For a description of the application status, please refer to the relevant section "Frequently asked questions".
    To view and print PDF files, it is necessary that Adobe Acrobat Reader or other program able to manage PDF documents has been installed on your computer.